Pros: The strongest handgun gunsafe on the market. Quality locking mechanism.
Cons: Would be nice to have foam padding on the left and right side as well.










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The best pistol safe on the market today is quite scarce due to its high consumer demand. Many satisfied customers describe it as “built like a tank.” That’s because it’s the strongest handgun safe in production. It’s easy to see why it’s out of stock and on back order most of the time. The safe is made in the USA and is called the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe.


Strength of the best pistol safe

With this gun safe you get value for your money… It’s strength comes from being built with thick quality steel. The box is made from a single piece of 10 gauge steel and the top of an even thicker 8 gauge steel. The door can’t be pried open. The safe is engineered with a door that wraps around the top of the box when closed. Strength alone doesn’t make it the best pistol safe…

The locking mechanism

The increased security that the Simplex mechanical push button lock has to offer, compliments the safe further. You have probably come across the flaws in design that ails most electronic keypad and biometric gun safes.

Electronic keypad locks have the drawback of being dependent on batteries to get the gun safe open. In an emergency it would be very troublesome opening a gun safe when the batteries have gone flat. The same goes for most biometric locks, their reliability to function efficiently are often frowned upon. The effectiveness of a biometric fingerprint scanner can be further impeded when a person does rough work that wears off fingerprints. These type of locks are also more prone to hacking the safe open.

What sets the Fort Knox pistol safe’s locking mechanism apart is the reliability with which it opens and the higher level of security it offers. There is a high amount of possible combinations from the 5 button lock, 1081 to be exact. It also operates silently. This is important as it keeps your location undisclosed without announcing to an intruder that you are getting your gun.

The mechanical push button lock is very durable and works by pushing the buttons in a combination sequence. The only negative is that it if the combination is forgotten the only way to open the safe would be by calling a locksmith. The five push buttons are numbered and if you enter them incorrectly, all you have to do is to turn the handle in the opposite direction to start over. With very little practice of entering the combination you will be able to open the safe just as quick as with any other high speed access safe available.

On the inside

best pistol safe inside

The door opens to the top. For your convenience the heavy door is easily opened by means of a built-in assisted gas strut. The strut also keeps the door open which is helpful for quick and easy access to your pistol and other valuables. A heavy duty hinge is concealed under the door on the inside of the safe to prevent tampering. There is lots of space inside the safe. There is enough space for up to 4 pistols depending on their size with extra ammunition. After that there is still enough space for important documents and some jewelry. The inside of the pistol safe is padded with high density foam that provides excellent protection to the contents within the safe.


Mounting the pistol safe to something solid and unmovable will protect the safe from being stolen. For this there is four pre-drilled mounting holes in the bottom of the safe. There isn’t a hole in the back of the safe for a security cable. It is however possible to have one drilled. If preferred the safe can also be kept inside a drawer or on top of your nightstand.

Dimensions from the manufacturer

  • Height: 4 ½”
  • Width: 12 ½”
  • Depth: 10 3/8″
  • Weight: 24lbs

Exterior finish

The safe’s antique silver powder coat finish is both tough and aesthetically appealing, so the wife won’t complain about the interior decorating. In the center of the door is a beautiful domed Fort Knox logo.


As expected, with a pistol safe of such high quality there is a warranty that matches it. The safe is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against burglary, flood and fire. It also covers the lock, unlike other manufacturers. It even covers the paint!

Overall conclusion

With such quality features and affordability, we highly recommend the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe and rate it as the best pistol safe.

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